Friday, 29 August 2008

Pantun Rakyat Merdeka

I was not there the night when the flame of reformation was lit in Permatang Pauh. But after reading news articles and reports in the media, I could almost feel the warmth and excitement of the atmosphere there. The time is ripe for Anwar Ibrahim to carry this flame to Parliament and then onwards to Putrajaya, to lead the country towards a new era of justice, freedom and equality.

People are lamenting about the lack of preparation for this year’s Merdeka celebrations. Even Dr. Mahathir said that this year’s event lacks joy and exuberance. He, of all people, should know the reason why.

I suppose the rakyat is already so disillusioned by the present government that they are just waiting for the NEW Merdeka to bloom.

Below is a poem which was inspired by the events of August 26 and the imminent NEW Merdeka of September 16. May all Malaysians be blessed with many wonderful and successful years from now on.

Pantun Rakyat Merdeka
By Edmond R

Tanah pasir gersang terbentang
Anak pertiwi mencangkul tulang
Merdeka apa yang sering dilaungkan?
Terlepas kongkongan, masuk cengkaman?

Bumi hijau warisan bonda
Bencana insan rakus melanda
Hilang begitu sekelip mata
Tangisan sedih kampung ke kota

Pendekar palsu barisan negara
Keris dijulang sorak membara
Tatkala benak akal kemarau
Sembunyi dibalik panji harimau

Bulan tiga subuh menjelang
Bulan lapan terang benderang
Suara rakyat melambung angkasa
Permatang diharungi wira perkasa

Apakah ini babak kedua
Hikayat bangsa negara Malaysia?
Bebas dan adil terserlah di muka
Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! MERDEKA!!!

Commentary in English

1. The arid land lies before our eyes, far and wide, despite the hard work and struggles of our forefathers and many generations after them. What then is the meaning of Merdeka if we still remain slaves after having achieved freedom?

2. Our land was once rich and prosperous. But the greed of man turns out to be the greatest plunderer of our wealth. All our hard work has gone to waste in the blink of an eye and tears flow from the villages to the cities.

3. We are led by false warriors who scream and shout and raise their keris. And when their minds are devoid of plans and ideas, they hide behind the banner of the tiger.

4. In March this year, we witnessed a new dawn. And just this August, the sky is bright and sunny again. The people’s voices are heard throughout the nation as they cheer the new warrior’s success in crossing the ridge (permatang)

5. Does this mark the beginning of the second chapter of our nation’s history? The people’s face smiling with hope of a new freedom and justice for the country, as they shout Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! MERDEKA!!!


Anonymous said...

A fitting poem for the current events in the by-election.

What do you think of the Budget 2009?
Reading NST reveals that half the articles are rebutting the proposal.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said…

Light-up the Candles now and but justice for all ISA detainees come the new Malaysia soon.

Where is the justice & freedom of expression because all our MSM News are suppressed or spun, where have the Truth and Merdeka gone to, perhaps the Dogs under BN Government ok??? Malaysia is going backwards after 51 years instead of going forward under the Racist UMNO, calling the “Chinese Squatters” to leave and “Babi Cabinet” if Anwar wins Permantang Pauh and if he forms the Pakatan Rakyats’ Federal Government. Justice must be served for Altantuya and all the ISA detainees who have no avenue of appeals and fair trials.
The UMNO Government is afraid that more cans of worms will be spilled by RPK and therefore they banned his blogsite which is a futile attempt to block information in this IT age, of course this is because of this Present Moronic Government is corrupted and dirty therefore on the pretext of helping the Rakyats, they could swindle and plunder more money from the Budget Deficit and with most of the Deficit Money coming from Petronas. Beware that the Money allocated is for their BN own Prime Minister’s and Cronies’ pockets expenditure and not for helping the Rakyats. Look for example at the Crystal Mosque’s and Mariner Club’s Fiasco in Terengganu’s Billions in Wang Ehsan, Billions had been lost as white elephants. The cancellation of the Johore Scenic Bridge, Penang Second Bridge and LRT Projects at the whims and fancies of the Flip Flop, Incompetent and Sleeping PeeM at the last minutes is wasting Multi Millions Ringgits in Public Funds had shown proof of the PeeM’s mismanagement of the Government and wastage of the Public Financial Resources and all these wasted funds could not be salvaged to aid and assist the Malaysian Poor Citizens of all races. If Malaysia still keep him in power will further damage and erode the Wealth of our Nation and our National Wealth could be decimated in no time.
The same could happen to all the empty promises of aid and help to the Rakyats these could all be lip service only unless it is monitored by reputable NGOs. On the irreversible Food Prices inflation, the unnecessary Moronic previous price hike on Petrol & Diesel had caused great permanent damage to the Food Price Structure and even if the price cut to Petrol and Diesel revert to their original prices prior to their hike, it will not revert the Food prices back to their original state and only the PeeM is to be solely blamed for his unwarranted Fuel Price Hike. His 2009 budget did not help the Rakyats’ quelled their immediate hardship suffered nor did that help them solve their Transport Problems immediately with multiple schemes but none available immediately with all the empty rhoterics but nothing concrete that could solve their immediate problems after years of neglect from this incompetent sleeping PeeM. As it is he is still sleeping and not knowing what all the 27 Million Rakyats wanted, needed and aspired to have coming soon??? Come Sept 16, 2008 send him home to sleep forever he is no longer needed.